About me

About meMy name is Masha, I am a mathematician by education and a nutritionist with gourmet inclinations by vocation. I believe in traditional nourishment and strive to feed my family simple, delicious but optimally nourishing meals. I am documenting my journey through rediscovering traditional food backed up with scientific evidence.

Most importantly, I am a mum of an adventurous 5 year old foodie. We began our journey into real food after my daughter suffered severe tooth decay at the age of 2. I couldn’t understand how this could happen to a child who doesn’t know what sugar is. When the dentist told me breastfeeding was the culprit, I knew I had to solve this puzzle on my own. Research led me to discover the importance of nutrients that exists in foods that were almost absent from our diet: organ meats, saturated fats, gelatine rich bone broth, cod liver oil, raw milk and fermented foods.

Luckily, having practically grown up in the kitchen, watching and helping my grandmother cook and ferment, we were able have a head start on our traditional food transformation.  Sauerkraut, broths and soups, and fermented milk were all familiar childhood favourites and I knew how to make them. I felt a huge relief that I should be feeding my daughter what I used to eat and not what a government says we should eat at this particular time. Suddenly everything made sense and was so so simple – eat real food. Food pyramids change all the time, half of the scientific facts we know now will be proven untrue in not too distant future. One by one the food related myths are getting busted in the main stream media: saturated fat, cholesterol, what next?

I chose to believe my gut feel and my heritage, if it’s backed by science – its a bonus, if it’s not – wait, and it probably will be one day, but it will always be backed by hundreds of years of tradition.

The aim of this blog is to collect my recipes and research in one place, so I can pass this knowledge to my daughter. And while she is growing up and being experimented on (in a nice foodie way), I can also share our experiences with you.  Real food doesn’t have to be slow, real food breakfast can take as much time as getting a box of cereal out of your cupboard, but it may require you to think about the next breakfast a little bit in advance.

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