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Smoked salmon and cabbage fritatta 1

Smoked Salmon and Cabbage Frittata

Sometimes things just happen. And for me things happen when I am under pressure – 40 minutes left before I have to leave and get my daughter from school, not sure what we...

Inspiring salads for kids 0

10 tips to inspire your kids to eat salads

Do your kids eat salads? Mine didn’t until very recently. Most kids like carrot sticks, cucumber slices, pepper wedges, cauliflower florets and all things crunchy. Cherry tomatoes seem also to be an attractive...

strawberry ice lolly 1

Strawberry Ice Lolly

Do you feel guilty when you buy your child an ice cream? I do, because of this: Walls Haribo Push Up Ingredients: Reconstituted skimmed milk, water, strawberry puree (9%), glucose syrup, fructose, dextrose,...